Meet the Team

The team represents expertise in materials characterisation and artefact conservation as well as the latest approaches to 3d digital documentation of museum objects and is built from staff in Archaeological Sciences and Visual Computing at the University of Bradford.

Andrew Wilson
– Principal Investigator

Dr Sonia O’Connor
– Co-Investigator

Rob Janaway
– Co-Investigator

Professor Hassan Ugail
– Co-Investigator

Tom Sparrow
– Researcher (Web interface, data management)

Andy Holland
– Researcher (3D laser scanning, photography)

Dr Emma Brown
– Researcher (Radiography, SEM, social media)

Dr Adrian Evans
- Researcher (High resolution microscopy/ surface metrology)

Dr David Connah
- Researcher (QA post-processing)

David Keenan
- Visual Artist

Pawel Eliasz
- Visual Artist